Should I hire a cleaning service when moving?

Move Out CleanerIf you’re planning on relocating to a new apartment or home in the near future, you may have considered hiring home or apartment cleaning services as an addition to your moving strategy. There are many factors to take into consideration when making this decision, and Optimaide is here to help give practical advice, tips, and help you to look critically at the factors before making the decision to spend the extra money for something you may be able to do yourself.

Are you relocating for a job?

If you’re relocating to take a new job of work position, then the employer may pay for this as part of the stipend for your moving service. Many people know that the cost of moving trucks and moving services are usually included, but often times, professional cleaning services are as well – sometimes you just have to ask. Moving to a new town, city, or state can be stressful enough, let alone if you are planning on starting a new job. Depending on how much you have on your plate, and whether or not your future employer is going to help foot the bill, hiring a professional cleaner may be something that makes your move smoother and you ultimately happier through the process.

Are you renting your current place?

If you are renting the current place that you live in, most assuredly the landlord will require a deep home cleaning through a well respected maid service prior to your move. After all, this is the most respectful way to leave your residence prior to moving out of it so the new tenant has a clean place to come home to. Often times, if you leave it to the landlord to find a moving service, especially if Cleaning an apartmentyou are in a large city like Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles, then you end up paying more for the cleaning service.  The landlords often mark up the cost of the service for the trouble of booking it, or they don’t shop around like you could.

Of course the option exists to clean your apartment or home yourself before moving, if time permits.  This may likely be the best option, especially if you are not a very messy person.  However, if you’ve been a busy professional living in the city for several years, focused on your career, you may need a deep clean that you don’t even have supplies for!  If this is the case, you may find that the cost of buying the supplies rivals the cost of the cleaning service itself.  But if you have the time, the cleaning supplies needed, and don’t mind doing it, then the most affordable option is to do it yourself.

Price vs time, which makes more sense?

value of timeDo you have a job where you are seemingly tied to your work constantly and make a pretty good income in this respect?  If that’s the case, your time may be better off spent hiring a cleaner while you work.  Often times, busy professionals living in a city like Chicago, especially in a more affluent area like the Gold Coast,  will use a service like Instacart to have someone do their shopping for them!  This compares greatly with cleaning services in that if your time is too valuable to go grocery shopping, it very well may be too valuable to do the cleaning needed as well.


When deciding to hire a cleaning company to take care of your moving there are a few basic considerations to take into account. First of all, does it make sense with your current schedule to do it yourself?  If you’re a workaholic with no time on your hands, this may not be the case.  But if you’re a pretty clean person and already have the supplies, why not?  Secondly, take a look at your rental agreement, and shop around if you’re moving from an apartment to get the best pricing that you can.  Thirdly, if you could be working, and have work to do, during the time that a cleaner may come, it may make the most sense to hire a cleaner at that time as well.


5 things to look for in a reputable moving company

1. The cost

In today’s economy, it is ideal to set a budget before you begin any project to avoid potential financial crises. Choose the company that offers moving services at reasonable rates, make sure the final bill will be covered by the set budget. Some companies will lure customers by not disclosing the total cost making the customer think they are paying a low cost just to realize there are hidden costs that make the process expensive than planned, therefore, ask for the full disclosure of costs involved in the entire process.

2. Experience in the business

The quality of services you receive from the moving company will be impacted by their experience. When moving everyone wants a company with expertise in the moving business as this means that your belongings are safe hands. Experienced movers will minimize the damages by employing the best moving procedures that ensure minimum breakages. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for the companies with experience in the moving business.

3. Insurance and License

Work with licensed moving companies, verify that the moving company you considering to hire has valid license and insurance. You should be certain that the moving company is known by the government and allowed to carry business, don’t use the shortcut, abide with the law. The company should be insured; this will ensure that the major damages and injuries that may occur are covered by the insurance company.

4. Customer services

The customer service matters, how the moving company relates with the customer is important. Choose the movers that are known to relate well to their clients; this enables effective communication which is essential for any successful business.

5. The company reputation

Moving company with a good reputation is an ideal choice as this is an indication that the company offers good services to their clients. Check the online reviews from the companies website as well as third-party review website that provide unbiased reviews.

The above factors will act as a guide in choosing the best moving company reducing the time spent in the exercise as well as the increasing the chances of choosing the right company.

5 Places to find the best moving company online

There are different ways you can locate the best moving company, and there is no wrong way. However, there are five places that you can find the best and be sure it’s the best, no question asked.


1) Google Local Listing

Google has been and will possibly continue to be a place to go when you need anything on the internet, and finding the best moving company is no different. Google outperforms all other search engines by a long shot with hundreds of thousands of moving company searches every day. All you need to do is type the keywords ‘moving company’ and Google will list the best moving company on your location. Sometimes you may get irrelevant information on the search results, so be a little specific; type the keyword ‘moving company in (your area)’. The best company will probably be listed at the top of Google local listing, saving you a lot of hassle.


2) Yelp

Yelp for moving reviewsWhen is started, Yelp used to review restaurants, and almost everyone would use it to look for places to get mouth –watering foods. Yelp became so popular that, whenever you need to get the best of something, you would head on to Yelp. Today, it’s one of the best places you can find reviews on the best moving company.


3) Better business bureau

On Better Business Bureau, you get nonbiased information on whatever the company you want to do business with. You get to find, things that you will unlikely find on other sites, for instance, conflicts, rating, and how the conflict was resolved, if they were resolved. BBB is the best place you can verify the credibility of your potential moving company. You get to verify basic company information like addresses, phone number and much more.


4) Ask friends on social media, like Facebook

reviewing movers on social mediaFriends are the best referrals, and they can be a great source when locating the best movers. Especially Social media friends, they will give nonbiased reviews and recommendation and may even advise you on the company to avoid and why. Remember that on average, a person moves once or twice in seven years, so there are chances that if you have 500 friends, several will be able to recommend the best movers in your area.


5) Good old fashioned search

You can get the best movers the old fashioned way, i.e. ask work mates, friends, and your neighbor for a good local moving company. They may be a better choice than strangers’ reviews, but you will also have to knock on every door of the recommended moving company to be certain of their services. Other people who can help include real estate agent and homeowners associations.


Commercial Moving Services

moving help servicesCommercial moving services include routine moving of logistics, transporting heavy equipment/machinery or complete relocation of offices. Each of the commercial moving service has different requirements and different procedures to deal with. Today I will explain these features along with how it will help to choose a commercial moving company that suits your needs.

From small to medium-sized enterprises as well as big corporations they all require logistic services for their routine operations. This requires transporting raw material and supplies for their production as well as transporting there finished goods in there storage facilities or at their client’s location. Often companies are in doubt to have this service as in-house operations or to hire a professional company and outsourcing this service to professional commercial moving company and focus on their core operations. It is found that companies with outsourcing there moving services to a professional commercial moving company are more successful as they can focus more on their core activities and the part of their operations which is not directly aligned with their strategic success is taken care of the professionals. is fast and efficient in their operations, and they deliver the products on time. They save your labor time by loading, unloading, and they can also offer packing services to you. This moving service will reduce your investment costs and will increase your profitability. The best way to decide for a commercial moving company is to see what their current contracts with other companies are. A good commercial moving company will always have clients on the regular basis so make sure to seek for references before giving them your business.

Some manufacturing companies require heavy equipment for their process. The heavy equipment needs to be transported from the port to their facility. Transporting is the easiest task. The hard task is to load and unload that heavy equipment in the trucks. They cannot be carried with bare hands or with ordinary moving tools. Special pulleys and equipment are used to load and unload that heavy equipment. If you require such service make sure the moving company you are looking to hire have got experience and the right tools to move your heavy equipment.

The most hustling task in commercial moving is relocating the office. It is already a cause of stress for the business owner as it causes downtime to him and it can increase further if the process does not run smooth. Office relocation has the key aspect of packing and assembling the office equipment as it contains a lot of wires and its setting into the new office. Unpacking and assembling all the electronics especially computers, printers and networking is a really hectic job of office moving. So for this purpose professional office movers shall be hired who have extensive experience and skills in this particular aspect.

Professional Mover

Removing serviceslocating is a big responsibility particularly if you are moving to a new location then it becomes more difficult when moving all your furniture. You can make it easy for yourself by hiring the services of We simplify your task to a great extent. Let us see which reasons force you to hire a professional mover? Just carry on…

Undertake your Burden and cut down your Mess!

Moving from one place to other is really too difficult and it needs time as well as effort. You have to take care of each and everything which can play a part in the move. You have to look after your entire luggage. It means that it is really too demanding to shift from one location to other if you are doing it on your own. On the other hand, if you hire a professional mover for this course then it saves you from all these tensions and troubles. It is because; now your mover is responsible for everything. When you hire him then he accepts and undertakes your burden and makes it real simple and trouble free for you. Now, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. You are free of tensions and problems. You don’t have to think about this matter anymore. So, this is a basic and usual reason which lets you hire a mover who knows what to do for a best and successful shift.

Easy to hire a Professional Mover!

Another fact which may force you to hire a professional mover is that it is truly easy to do so. Well, we mean to say that you have many approaches to search for a reliable and trustworthy mover or a moving company. You can check out your nearby service providers for this course. You can get opinions and suggestions from your friends and colleagues. And you can do this task online as well So, you have different ways to find out a trustworthy and efficient mover who is very well aware of his services.

What will you do now

In the above piece of writing, we talked about why would you hire a professional mover or a famous moving company? You analyzed that there are various grounds which may let you do this First of all, it saves huge effort and time. It does not ask for any problem at all. A professional and reliable mover is always there to take care of your items and produce a successful relocation. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you are planning to hire a moving company or a mover then you can go ahead without any hesitation.

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